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The Sleep Study

The sleep cycle is studied nightly in Sleep Centers around the world, during a test called a polysomnogram.  This test is one method used to identify a variety of possible culprits that can cause a sleep disorder.  The test is usually done on an out-patient basis and generally involves:

and face to pick up brain wave activity. 
air flow.
oxygen levels.
heart rhythms.
movement or twitching.
the chest and abdomen to monitor chest & abdominal
wall movement. 

These are all plugged into a central cable to facilitate bathroom trips.  The test subject is then told to go to sleep, preferably on their back!

The test is obviously not duplicating natural sleep in one's own bed and therefore not perfect, but it is currently recognized as the definitive test to confirm sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.  However, it is expensive and not everyone is able to fall sleep or stay asleep. Most importantly, not everyone who has trouble sleeping needs a sleep study.

Our Guide to Better Sleep Naturally and/or a Personal Sleep Trainer are designed to help determine whether a sleep disorder can be diagnosed and treated without the need of a formal sleep study.  See if they can help you get better sleep naturally, without drugs.

The following page lists the many signs, symptoms and related medical conditions of sleep disorders.  Sadly, too often the sleep disorder is not detected until a medical catastrophe such as a heart attack or stroke occurs.  By heeding the warning signs of a sleep disorder a more serious condition could be prevented.
"To sleep perchance to dream."

Disorders (Jet Lag, etc)
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