irritability - see EDS
difficulty concentrating - see EDS
frequent urination at night - see sleep apnea
large neck circumference - see sleep apnea
excessive daytime sleepiness - read The Guide to Better Sleep Naturally
feeling tired all the time - read The Guide to Better Sleep Naturally
trouble falling asleep - see insomnia
trouble staying asleep - see insomnia
waking up gasping - see hypoventilation
waking up choking - see GERD
waking up at night coughing - see asthma
creepy crawly feelings in the legs - see RLS test
rapid 20 pound weight gain - see sleep apnea
more frequent illnesses - read The Guide to Better Sleep Naturally
jerking or twitching legs - see PLMS
puffy ankles - see Heart Failure
memory loss - see screening for depression
morning headaches - see hypoventilation
loud snoring - see sleep apnea
lethargy - see screening for depression

Medical Conditions often associated with Sleep Disorders

high blood pressure
high red blood cell count
heart failure
low oxygen levels at night
irregular heart beats
heart attacks

Match the symptom to the disorder.

If you have any of these signs, symptoms or medical conditions, you may be able to identify their cause with the help of our sleep disorder Screening Test.  If the disorder is due to a physical cause, talk to your doctor.  In the meantime, keep in mind that the patterns and habits that you have been learning and using to help compensate for the disorder, might have created a disconnect to your memories of how to sleep well.  To refresh and/or learn how to "sleep like a baby" again read The Guide to Better Sleep Naturally. 

The Sleep Detective.

Everything you eat, drink and doWhere, when and on what you sleepWeight gain, job loss, menopause.  These all matter to our sleep detective.  For professional assistance identifying and treating your sleep disorder, consider having our Sleep and Breathing Specialist with over 25 years experience analyze your sleep related history, patterns and habits based on your medical, social and sleep history; a one to two week sleep log; and if applicable, a bedpartner questionnaire.  Click on the link to learn more about the Personal Sleep Training and other Consultation Services available at the Sleep Management and Consultation Center.
Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Disorders
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