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Five main types of insomnia:
1)  sleep onset insomnia
2)  early morning awakening
3)  worry insomnia
4)  periodic insomnia
5)  pain related insomnia

Three classifications of insomnia:
1)  transient insomnia - problem lasts for a few nights
2)  short term insomnia - problem lasts for 2 to 4 weeks
3)  chronic insomnia - problem happens most nights;
lasts a month or more

Causes of insomnia:
1) short term stress or anxiety
2) circadian rhythm issues
3) the use of certain substances
4) poor sleep hygiene
5) long term stress or anxiety
6) pain
7) aging
8) hormonal changes
9) others

Effects of insomnia:
1) excessive daytime sleepiness
2) increased stress levels
3) weight gain
4) depression

Signs & symptoms of insomnia:
1) difficulty falling asleep
2) excessive daytime sleepiness
3) lethargy
4) trouble staying asleep
5) increased anxiety & stress
6) irritability
7) reduced concentration
8) problems getting back to sleep
9) mood swings
10) reduced memory
11) waking up unrefreshed

Social implications of insomnia:
1) increased motor vehicle, home
and workplace accidents
2) loss of productivity at home, school or work
3) difficulty in maintaining good relationships with
friends, family and co-workers

Medical implications of insomnia:
1) depression
2) more frequent illnesses
3) weight gain

Insomnia treatments and cures:
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