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Take a free screening test to see if you have any of the symptoms or contributing factors of a dozen or so different sleep disorders.

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Three-Alarm Level insomnia training plus basic training in environmental controls, sleep hygiene, medica-tion modification and/or recognition of the need for further studies or treatment.
PST III  Personal Sleep Training Three-Alarm Level        $224.99
The next level of training includes the previous levels as well as training in how to identify & modify circadian rhythms; design bedtime routines; use relaxation, light, exercise and/or massage and/or recognize the need for further studies or treatment.
Read more. PST V Personal Sleep Training Advanced Level $374.99
The most advanced level that includes the PST V level as well as a very individualized type of training in the use of Behavior Modification and/or recognizing the need for further studies or treatment. Read more.
PST VII Personal Sleep Training Emergency Level $524.99
Two-Alarm Level insomnia training in identifying levels of daytime sleepiness & alertness, symptoms & suggested treatments for 13 different sleep disorders and/or recognition of the need for further studies or treatment. Read more.
PST II  Personal Sleep Training Two-Alarm Level             $149.99
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Learn many natural ways to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer from this simple-to-follow, step by step self-help guide to better sleep naturally. 32 pages. Download in Adobe PDF format.
001  The Guide to Better Seep Naturally download now for $29.95
Find lots of sleep tips to help anyone fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer in this collection of 101 better sleep tips. 24 pages. Download in Adobe PDF format.
002  101 Better Sleep Tips down-load now for $19.95
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The first step in treating your insomnia is finding the cause. You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires to trace your insomnia to its roots: the mind, the body, a routine or habit, something you eat or drink, your sleeping environment, etc. IS1 Insomnia Secrets 1 Part 1 - The Cause $74.99
The second step in treating your insomnia is to find the best treatment that will work for you and then tailor it to meet your individual lifestyle, schedule and needs. IS2 Insomnia Secrets 2 Part 2 - The Treatment $149.99
The final step in treating your insomnia - if you should need to keep it at bay - is a maintenance program. Should you find yourself reverting to your old insomnia habits, sign up for a refresher course. IS3 Insomnia Secrets 3 Part 3  - Maintenance $224.99
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If you wish a more in-depth analysis of your free Sleep Disorder Screening Test, order this extended analysis.
ESA Extended Sleep Analysis  $24.99
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Better sleep naturally means drink less coffee.
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