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(modified) Epworth Sleepiness Scale & Stanford Sleepiness Scale

How sleepy are you during the daytime?

The results of the                                                     will indicate how quickly you should look for and follow the advice offered on this site or from a local sleep professional in your area.

When are you at your peak levels of alertness and your lowest levels of alertness?

The results of the                                                     will allow you to schedule your days in such a way as to capitalize on your highs and minimize the risk of scheduling activities that require a clear head during the lows until you can smooth out the highs and lows by learning how to get better sleep naturally.  It will also guide you to your ideal bedtime.

EVERYONE deserves and CAN GET better sleep naturally, without drugs.

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Better sleep naturally means drink less coffee.
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Epworth Sleepiness Scale (modified)
Stanford Sleepiness Scale (modified)